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  • NIH News on Lyme Studies November 29,2000
  •   28-Nov-00
  • Newspaper coverage of New York City Lyme Disease Patient Rally for Dr Joseph Burrascano
  •   22-Nov-00
  • NYTimes: Concerns Grow Over Reactions to Lyme Shots
  •   22-Nov-00
  • Lyme disease care falls short in Texas
  •   18-Nov-00
  • Sudden Psychoses Could Point to Lyme
  •   13-Nov-00
  • Newsweek: A War Over Lyme Disease
  •   12-Nov-00
  • Boston Herald: Lyme disease sufferers rally for embattled doc
  •   11-Nov-00
  • NYTimes:Lyme Doctors Rally Behind a Colleague Under Inquiry
  •   01-Nov-00
  • MSNBC: Debate rages over Lyme treatment
  •   22-Sep-00
  • Newark Star Ledger: Criticism of Lyme vaccine imperils grant
  •   22-Sep-00
  • PSU Students raise LD Awareness
  •   21-Sep-00
  • EICS: 2nd Annual Conference (Kansas City, Missouri )
  •   21-Sep-00
  • Nevada City, CA LD Seminar 24 Oct 2000
  •   25-Aug-00
  • LymeNet Bash Fundraiser 2000
  •   20-Aug-00
  • NYTimes: Fighting Lyme Disease
  •   16-Aug-00
  • Star Ledger: Add garlic, hold the Lyme's
  •   08-Aug-00
  • MSNBC: Is It Lyme?
  •   21-Jul-00
  • Bergen Record: Experimental feeder may ease tick woes
  •   10-Jul-00
  • More Local Lyme Disease articles Nationwide
  •   21-Jun-00
  • JAMA - Long-term Outcomes of Lyme Disease Responses
  •   20-Jun-00
  • Star Ledger: Lesser-known cousins to Lyme
  •   14-Jun-00
  • Star Ledger: Warning dropped on vaccination
  •   04-Jun-00
  • ABCNews: Dissenting Docs
  •   26-May-00
  • Newark Star Ledger: Yale report stirs concern about conflicts
  •   23-May-00
  • Newark Star Ledger: Lyme Vaccine Causing Side Effects
  •   23-May-00
  • NYTimes: Questioning Long-Term Lyme Cases
  •   20-May-00
  • LDA-NJ New Grants Available Summer 2000
  •   20-May-00
  • Lyme Disease in Local News
  •   16-May-00
  • Vaccine Victims?
  •   03-May-00
  • GAO investigation Press Release

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