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Enter one or more keywords that describe what you are looking for. Do NOT use general words such as "lyme" or "borrelia." Those words are not specific enough and your search will not succeed. Examples of specific words or phrases include:

* DNA Primers
* Western blot
* Neuropathy
* Fallon

To search on words or phrases that may have more than one spelling or gramatical presentation, use the wildcard (*) character. Note that these searches may yield a very high number of citations. For example:

* Cardi* (will find cardiomyopathy, carditis, etc)
* Neuro* (will find neurology, neurological, neuropathy, etc)

You may combine terms together. The "AND" operator will find documents with BOTH terms specified, and the "OR" operator will find documents with EITHER term. For example:

* PCR AND Spiro*
* afzelii OR garinii
* Neuro* and cefotaxime

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