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From: John S. Lushenko

Date: 11-Feb-2000 at 08:12 PM EST
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Document Title: Kathy Cavert


Kathy Cavert has passed away. It is with great
sadness and a feeling of profound loss, beyond
which I have words, that I inform you, my best
friend and leader in the Lyme Community, Kathy Cavert
passed away at 6:50am, February 8, 2000 in
Independence Missouri. Kathy had been suffering from
late Lyme disease for many years.

Memorial Services for Kathy Cavert

United Methodist Church
5055 Blue Ridge Blvd.,
Kansas City, Missouri 64133
Memorial day is Saturday, February 12, 2000
Memorial time is to start at 10:00am

Flowers and condolences can be sent to:
Kathy Cavert and Family
United Methodist Church
5055 Blue Ridge Blvd.,
Kansas City, Missouri 64133
to coincide with the memorial service on Saturday

Letters of sympathy and condolences can be sent to:
William and Katherine Cavert (mom and dad)
John Haynes (Kathy's fiancee)
2724 Glendale
Independence, Missouri 64052
or emails to John Haynes at jchco@sprintmail.com

There will also be a National Period of Silence
to occur on Saturday February 12 at 11:00am.in
honor and memory of Kathy Cavert
National Moment of Silence Pacific Time 9:00am
National Moment of Silence Mountain Time 10:00am
National Moment of Silence Central Time 11:00am
Actual Memorial Service Kansas City 11:00am
National Moment of Silence Eastern Time 12:00noon

There is a chat room where everyone can enter at
these times. The chat room site is:

There is also additional information at the newsgroup
sci.med.diseases.lyme regarding Kathy Cavert.

Kathy will be missed very very much.

John S. Lushenko

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