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Date: 05-May-1999 at 05:12 AM EDT
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Document Title: Carnivora - Venus Fly Trap

I found an information about Venus Fly Trap Extract. Has anyone tried this? Normally it is for cancer therapy, but it seems also to work against many cronic diseases, like CFS, Rheumatoid arthritis, Eppstein Barr Virus and more. May be it fights at a cellular level.

There is more important information about carnivora extract here:

An article about lyme and carnivora:

Venus Fly Trap Carnivora Treatment

Carnivora is an extract of the Venus Fly Trap plant (Dionaea muscipula) that was developed by the
German oncologist (cancer specialist) Helmut Keller, M.D.

According to medical reporter Morton Walker, D.P.M.,22 "Since 1981, over 2,000 patients have been
treated with Carnivora. Among them has been President Ronald Reagan who received the substance
postoperatively following his operation for malignant polyps of the colon. The President took Carnivora
drops for their healing and preventive powers against cancer

"Actor Yul Brynner also received dosages of Carnivora in injections and/or Carnivora drops." Yul
Brynner's lung tumor's were rapidly diminishing in size until he foolishly followed the recommendation of
a New York City oncologist and failed to keep up with the remedy."

"Carnivora has a proven 82 to 87% remission rate for most types of
carcinoma when the patient's
immune system has not been compromised by conventional, allopathic
chemotherapy or radiation

As Carnivora is a relatively new product, no one knows how many different organisms it can inhibit, or
kill. In addition to its immune stimulating properties, the Carnivora extract "has been used successfully for
the treatment of chronic diseases including most forms of cancer, neurodermitis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's
disease, multiple sclerosis, all types of herpes infections, primary chronic polyarthritis, and almost any
immune deficiency state," and AIDS.

After it's use, Harvey Bigelsen, M.D. was so impressed with the reduction of pleomorphic organisms in a
patient's blood that he ordered a supply of Carinvora for his own use.22 Pleomorphic organisms are
micro-organisms that change form and function depending upon their surrounding environmental

Dorothea M. Linley, M.D.

Dorothea M. Linley, M.D. says, "In August 1986, I came down with a flu-like illness: pains in muscles,
back, headache, fatigue and even my hair was painful. Fever and migrating arthritis followed by cardiac
fibrillation which was controlled by oral magnesium. A blood test for Lyme disease was positive. . . .

"It settled in my knees, the left swelling so severely I needed crutches. I took 1 gram of tetracycline daily
for 3 weeks and then 2 grams daily for three more weeks. Then my stomach rebelled and it was stopped.

"I was left with 50% reduced motion in both knees. Three months later I learned that the North (negative,
south seeking) magnet would reduce swelling and pain. I applied a North pole magnet to both knees for
30 minutes twice a day5. In one week my knee flexion was doubled. In 6 months flexion was almost
normal except for something that didn't feel right in the middle of the joint.

"Two months later I experimented with germanium sesquioxide6. On a dose of 900 mg daily the right
knee returned to normal in 3 days and after reducing the dose to 300 mg daily, the left knee took about 2
months to become normal. . . .

"I was 5 years without any symptoms.

"In May 1992 my left knee started swelling and a blood test was positive for Lyme. Whether this was a
new case or a return of the first attack I do not know. What I did know was that I had no desire to take
antibiotics again. I had just finished treatment for Candidiasis7.

"In mid-July I learned about Carnivora [Dionaea muscipula, Venus Fly Trap plant extract] from Morton
Walker's article in the Townsend Letter [for Doctors]8. I learned that Carnivora would kill bacteria, yeast,
parasites and viruses without harming beneficial intestinal bacteria.

"I believe the Carnivora has killed the Lyme bacteria as well as Candida overgrowth. I lost 10 pounds, my
skin is younger looking, my bowels are functioning normally for the first time in my life, my fingernails
are hard and growing well, and my digestion is improved, needing fewer digestive aids.

"I hope my story will help those many patients suffering from chronic illness which may be due to Lyme.
I was fortunate in that I did not take antibiotics until after a positive blood test. Those who treat
symptoms clinically typical of Lyme before developing a positive blood test will never test positive and
thus obscure the diagnosis. There are many people out there in this situation."

Dorothea M. Linley, M.D. can be reached at 220 Banks Rd., Easton, Connecticut 06612.

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