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From: Sarah*)
Re: Things are real bad!!!!!!!!

Date: 11-Oct-2000 at 05:41 PM EDT
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Tincup said it perfectly!!! All those things sound like the things to do!!! This didn't just happen out of the blue today no matter if that guy tries to say it did. It has been THOROUGHLY DOCUMENTED with dates and times right HERE on this forum! Every time they have hurt you on purpose and been provocative that you told us about- and it shows a clear pattern of threats over time- that matters.
I think you should do exactly what Tincup said. Your Lyme is real. Your pain and your chemical sensitivity are real and *you* have recourse through the system. That us what it is for. If necessary you can print out all your past posts detailing their abuses to you and can show that this was NOT a "guy went crazy" kind of thing, but somehow who had been pushed past his limits over and over agian with no mercy. The cold and the chemicals would lay many of us form this board up for at least a day or a few- I know it would me- that was a very real assault upon your body, a very real provocation. Even if it all feels crazy- YOU are not. To quote Tincup!*))*!- TAKE CARE OF YOU!!!- Sarah

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