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From: Cathy T
Numbness and Ear Problem Anyone?

Date: 11-Oct-2000 at 06:21 PM EDT
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Document Title: Re: Numbness and Ear Problem Anyone?

Hi Donna...... I have fibromyalgia (no Lyme dx yet), my entire legs buzz all the time, but I don't have many problems with numbness (yet). However, I am quite familiar with ears clicking! It means you've got a little fluid in your eustachean tube. I have had 2 sinus surgeries and several ear infections, and whenever I get that clicking noise, I immediately start drinking tons of water, take something like sudafed and quaifenesin. It seems to really help to get rid of that congestion (which can turn into an ear infection). I think some people are more prone to have their eustachean tubes close up. Over the past 10 years, I have also had intermittant severe ringing and buzzing in my ears....but that I think is more of a nerve problem. Hope this helps.

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