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From: jen
Interesting Idea: virus/lyme

Date: 11-Oct-2000 at 08:33 PM EDT
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Document Title: Really interesting...

I read thru the site and I really like what it says, it just completely fits with what I've been piecing together in my own head. Everything fits perfectly.

Burrascano is on their task force, as well as Dr Kopelson who is the guy opening the hyperbaric center up in Brewster that I mentioned

They mention that antibiotics work by suppressing chemokines--doxy and biaxin included--

I'm not saying there is not infection or even active ongoing infection, but I do believe it is upregulated by viruses or even as they say by a merging--I know I posted somehwere on this list that docs and scientists would be shocked to find out there might be much more exchange than they suspected, they already know that bacteria exchange genes, well maybe viruses and bacteria do too--that's essentially what this site is saying--

But if Burrascano is on task force you'd think he would add in every antiviral cocktail he could put together

They have a list there

It's fascinating

I was telling L's hub to get L to take acemannan--an aloe product--they have mannans on the list there as suppressing chemokines

Evertyign is falling into place!

I hope people here think about this seriously adn start adding in as many of these antivirals as they can tolerate

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