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From: stephanie sullivan

Date: 28-Dec-2001 at 08:49 AM EST
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Document Title: babesi in csf only

I have recently been diagnosed as having Babesi Microti in Cererbral/Spinal Fluid. This was picked up by a neurologist atfer a Lumbarpuncture. After reading much about Babeiosis on this site,I'm befuddled, as my symptoms are not consistant with most of the ones indicated,no irregular hematology,mostly persistant raging headaches,numbness & tingling,{transitory}"swimming" in head,etc. Question is :Same tx for babesi in Spinal fluid?,even if titer's for other diseases "lymes Erhlic etc. neg? "Spots" on brain found by MRI caused by babesi? I have no idea as to how long I've been infected don't recall "tick bite" sickness.Some Neuro nuttiness escalating more tho,Seizure activity,memory loss,transpose of letters& numbers, brain block etc. Am I facing IV therapy? Anyone suggest LLMD in Dutchess/Ulster Co. Ny Currently signed up with Daniella Stokes ID Md out of Poughkeepsie Ny due to see her 1/2/02. Any pertinant questions i should be asking? Babesi IgG=1:512H &IgM<1.20. This was in Cerebral Spinal Fluid Appreciate
any help.

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