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Date: 11-Oct-2000 at 04:55 PM EDT
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Document Title: Things are real bad!!!!!!!!

Hi Everyone, I just Quit my job I had for 22 years.It is cold here and one of the other employees kept opening the doors,I would then close them and he would open them.I am on tinidazole and am allways going in and out of fevers.The cold air makes me miserable.Then he went to parts and got a can of Zylene and sprayed it all over the place Zylene is a substance which causes me to bleed internaly.Allso makes me mentally dizzy.I flew into a Lyme-Zylene rage and shoved him,he tried to kick me in the ()at which time I punched him multiple times.I then Quit the job,I am home getting my truck to go in and pick up my tooles.MADDOG

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