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From: Sherry R

Date: 11-Oct-2000 at 05:55 PM EDT
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Document Title: symptom checklist

Several months ago I visited this site and someone mentioned having a type of "symptom checklist" on "Excel" or "Access" where you could track your symptoms in a chart format. I've tried doing a "site search" and have not had luck finding this topic. If anyone out there has such a thing would you please email me a copy? I will be seeing a "Lyme specialist" this month and am trying to chart the current symptoms.

I wish they'd decide what I have and fix it!!! Thanks for your help . . . Sherry R -- sherryrich123@hotmail.com

P.S. MadDog if you read this . . . your situation sounds awful and I agree w/ Tincup . . . you should go back and file an incident report. That was so cruel for your co-worker to do that especially if you've made them aware of your situation . . . sounds no less than assault to me.

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