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From: Lori

Date: 11-May-2002 at 06:43 PM EDT
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Document Title: Can Erlichia remain after treatment?

Hello all. I finally found this site and was hoping for advice.
My husband is 31 and was diagnosed about three years ago with Erlichiosis. He was put on two courses of 2 week treatments with Doxy. He responded good each time and then began to go back to the symptoms after the treatments.
He has chronic fatigue and is seeing an endocrinologist. He saw a rheumatologist after out family physician was at a loss and she said it was arthritis and the tests (2 of them to be sure!) were false positive. She ordered more which confirmed the diagnosis.
Either way, we have had many opinions, one of which said that once treated there is no sense to re-test because you will always test positive.
He has not gotten better - in fact he has gotten worse. He is now on anti-depressants because of the exhaustion and depression since this started. He has fallen asleep at the wheel twice, almost killing himself in the first one.
We are quite desperate in getting help. We feel there has to be a connection here but can't find out where to go with it. Can anyone here give me direction?
I can write his symptoms for hours, but these are the basics!
Please help if you can!

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