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From: Sarah*)
Things are real bad!!!!!!!!

Date: 11-Oct-2000 at 05:33 PM EDT
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Document Title: Re: Things are real bad!!!!!!!!

Oh Maddog they do sound bad!!! WHat a total jerk he sounds like- I can understand why you lost your temper but I hope he did not really get hurt. That would just get you in trouble and not be good anyway. I am so sorry! It all sounds bad! Don't let it get worse!!! You know, the people you work with have sounded mean and it might be the best tihng ever- you;'re quitting I mean. Right now the economy is great at least here it is and there are SO MANY jobs available (at least here there are-). I know you wouldn't have stayed for so long if it didn't have its good side but maybe its time is past. I hope you are okay and that there are not legal repercussions. I hope *you* are not physically hurt. Not now but just a few months ago for almost 2 years I had profound chemical sensitivity where I would convulsively vomit if exposed to ANY cleaning product so I *know* how real and terirble that is- but I doubt he has a clue. It doesn't sound like it. I am so sorry tihs happened and I hope nothing gets any w
orse. Be gentle with yourself- it has kind of been a long time coming with the way they have been to you. Of course, it sounds like you went off on him and that's no good either. I hope it all ends with this for now, with no more stuff. It sounds like more than enough to deal with already.

Best Warm Wishes to You,


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