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From: Lynda K.

Date: 11-Oct-2000 at 09:37 PM EDT
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Document Title: Learned soooooo much!!!!!

I have learned so much from you guys, and really feel as though I have missed something if I don't come everyday and check out what is being said and by whom. I tell my husband about you guys and he says" It's as though you know them personally" Sometimes I think I do..anyway I have a question..my daughter had 6 weeks of amoxil and 2 weeks of IV Rocephin with few problems..a couple of headaches and a bout of throwing up for 10 hours ..ONCE. She started Biaxin last Tuesday and yesterday and today her ankles are aching pretty bad, to the point of tears today. She is playing basketball( Lyme will NOT stop her.) so could it be just from basketball or is this maybe the herxing I have been hearing about and waiting for??? Also,are the aches in the joints there all the time ?..over a period of time?
or just when active? I hope I"ve explained this OK????? She is doing great otherwise..Thanks for any help. Lynda

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