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- 31-Oct-2002
  Lymes Side Effects-Facial Swelling (Bruce R.)
- 11-May-2002
  Can Erlichia remain after treatment? (Lori)
- 28-Jan-2002
  Lyme & CFS (Bev)
- 28-Dec-2001
  babesi in csf only (stephanie sullivan)
  babesi in csf only (stephanie sullivan)
- 10-Dec-2001
  liver enzymes and white cell count during therapy (kayeelderl)
- 27-Oct-2001
  new Lyme test, anyone ever do this one? C 6 Peptid (jame Swamson)
- 15-Oct-2000
  oh my goodness! (jade)
- 13-Oct-2000
  Re: Things are real bad!!!!!!!! (fsr)
- 12-Oct-2000
  Re: Learned soooooo much!!!!! BEV (Penny)
  Re: Learned soooooo much!!!!! (Beverlynclaude)
  Remember, Please!!!! (Penny)
  Re: Yes! We have a new off-topic board! (Penny)
  Re: Great links for all. Thanks JM. see post below eom (testing)
- 11-Oct-2000
  Learned soooooo much!!!!! (Lynda K.)
  Re: Things are real bad!!!!!!!! (tincup)
  Ditto...Your site is comforting.Thanks eom (tincup )
  That sounds good!!! (Sarah*))
  Re: Interesting Idea: virus/lyme:see Koch's postulates (Just Me!)
  Re: Things are real bad!!!!!!!! (MADDOG)

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