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Title:Lyme disease awareness for the New Jersey dentist. A survey of orofacial and headache complaints associated with Lyme disease.
Authors:Heir GM, Fein LA
Source:J N J Dent Assoc 1998 Winter;69(1):19, 21, 62-3 passim
Organization:Department of Oral Pathology, Biology and Diagnostic Services, UMDNJ, USA.

The incidence of Lyme disease is increasing in New Jersey. In 1996, 2,190 cases were reported, representing an increase of 487 cases from the 1,703 reported in 1995 [Table 1]. Symptoms associated with Lyme disease include headache and facial pain that often mimics dental pathology and temporomandibular disorders. Patients with complaints of vague, non-specific dental, facial or head pain, who present with a multisystemic, multi-treatment history, are suspect. This article discusses Lyme disease in New Jersey and the clinical presentation of Lyme disease that the dental practitioner may encounter. A summary of data is provided which was collected from 120 patients diagnosed with laboratory confirmed Lyme disease. The most common orofacial, head and dental complaints seen in the Lyme disease patient are reviewed. This information will hopefully aid in establishing a diagnosis and appropriate referral where indicated.

Dental Care for Chronically Ill, Facial Pain, DIAGNOSIS, ETIOLOGY, Headache, DIAGNOSIS, ETIOLOGY, Human, Incidence, Lyme Disease, COMPLICATIONS, DIAGNOSIS, EPIDEMIOLOGY, New Jersey, EPIDEMIOLOGY, Questionnaires, Referral and Consultation

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